What are IML Labels

In its most basic expression, we can say that labels contain information about the product in which they are applied. However, the main function of IML labels or In Mold Labeling is to decorate. So what are IML labels?

Definition of In Mold Labels

iml 110 micras The In Mold Label (IML) is a decorative technique used on plastic parts. It consists of fusing the label with the part through an injection process.

The printed label is placed in a mold shaped like the finished product. By injecting the plastic into the mold, the IML label becomes an indivisible part of the product, giving it a series of advantages over other decorative processes.

What are IML labels: injection process

To make a piece decorated with in-mold labels three elements are necessary:

  1. The mold: creating a mold has a high cost, so it is important to assess the useful life and expected production quantity of the plastic part.
  2. The label: it must be able to withstand the temperatures of the fusion process, and it’s important that the IML label shares the same material as the part so that the union is perfect. The label can have different thicknesses depending on each need. It is placed in the mold by hand or by robots.
  3. The material: it is the type of plastic that will be injected into the mold in a liquid state. When it dries it will have fused with the label, creating a final item with an integrated look.

proveedor etiquetado in mould españa


As a manufacturer of IML labels, Grifoll can help you develop this solution by providing both the label and advice on the necessary technological investments. You can get more information about what the IML label is in our post about the characteristics of in-mold labelling or contact us directly.

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