Grifoll prints cards with hidden prizes using special inks and finishes. You can print random or fixed codes.

  • code cards with alphanumeric code

    Code Cards

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    Code cards are the most used solution for promotional campaigns with prizes (lotteries). Tickets with a unique code allow you […]

  • cracker card with prize inside

    Cracker Card

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    An original way to offer a lottery promotion If you are thinking of launching a promotion with prizes, the cracker […]

  • custom scratchcard printing

    Promotional Scratchcards

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    Promotional Scratchcard Printing Custom Scratch Tickets are the most successful promotional incentive for sweepstakes and lottery campaigns. Grifoll has over […]

  • Thermochromic Reveal

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    Surprise your clients with a promo they can bake! Get a unique effect with Grifoll's thermochromic inks. Hide your message […]

  • Water Reveal

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    Who said paper can’t get wet? Surprise your clients with promos that react to water If your product is related […]

  • Colour Filters - cards with code

    Colour Filters

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    Hide your messages and awards so only your customers can see them with Grifoll’s colour filters A fun way to […]

  • revelado frío

    Cold Reveal

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    Get a unique effect by hiding you promos in chill reactive printing If your products are preserved in cold this […]