Overwrapping solutions for every need

Grifoll offers a wide range of packing options depending on design, material and purpose. With a weekly capacity of more than 10 million packs, we can overwrap flat items (cards, tattoos, stickers…) or 3D premiums.

Types of Overwrapping

Packs can be classified according to type of sealing, material, printing, and whether they are inpack or onpack. Depending on the goal and the functionality, Grifoll offers assistance on the most efficient type of overwrapping for each case.

Types of sealing:

  • Flowpack: The envelope is sealed top, bottom and along the center.
  • Cold-sealed: the envelope is closed on all four sides and has an easy-open cut for greater comfort.
  • Leaflet: neither side is sealed, a folded brochure simply wraps the promotional gift. It is a very interesting option when the item is flat and does not come into contact with food. It allows the inclusion of larger amounts of information in the leaflet.
  • Envelope/bag: closed on three sides only, allows the user to remove the product without breaking the envelope.

Types of material:

  • Paper: the most economical and sustainable overwrapping solution. FSC paper packing available.
  • Transparent: the option that gives relevance to the item. Allows you to clearly see the inner article.
  • Metallic: the most attractive option. It is the most used for point of sale collectibles because of its brightness.
  • Cardboard: for envelopes sold on the Impulse channel. Window can be added to view content.

Types of printing:

  • Color: all types of packing can be printed in full color.
  • No printing: used to highlight the inner product or if the envelope is in contact with food.

Inpack promotions

Grifoll governs its production by Good Manufacturing Practices and is certified by AIB for the manufacture of sachets suitable for contact with food.

Onpack promotions

We have the ability to insert items in an adhesive envelope and deliver them wrapped in a roll. This allows to automate the adhesion of a promotional gift to the exterior of a product.