3D Glasses

3D vision consists of joining two images taken at the same moment with a difference in angle. The volume effect is achieved by using two filters of different color, generally blue and red. If these colors are moved on a flat support, such as a card or film, the filters will be able to rejoin the image and also give depth to it.

Being flat printing, the 3D effect can be inserted into publications, stickers, promotional gifts or even point of sale elements.

Grifoll is able to manufacture both the 3D glasses and the printed card in different materials. Printing is made to measure for each project, so the shape and design are 100% customizable.

3D Glasses Features

As an advertising article, the main advantage is that the user is obliged to interact with and use them, attracting the attention of their environment. It can be an item on its own when used for a screening, or it can be offered alongside a printed item as a joint promotion.

3D glasses produce a three-dimensional effect that increases the perceived value of promotions.