At Grifoll each process is controlled according to the highest European standards, guaranteeing a quality printing adapted to any requirement.

FSC® materials on request

auditorías de calidad en las artes gráficas

Quality audits

Grifoll periodically audits its quality management system. These controls are carried out both internally and by the main firms and laboratories.

Clients such as Disney, Yum !, Pepsico, McDonald's or Danone have audited our factory and manufacturing processes, validating Grifoll as a trusted supplier of printed promotional items.

trazabilidad en la industria gráfica


Grifoll implements a traceability protocol in its processes. As a printer for food and cosmetic contact premiums, we have developed a series of self-reliant procedures that allow us to know the history, location and trajectory of a product or batch at any given moment during and after manufacturing.