Industrial Printing Solutions

Printing solutions for the industrial sector. Labels, decorated plastics, etc.

  • IML Printing

    IML Printing

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    Printing solutions for the plastic industry Grifoll manufactures IML labels from 57 microns. Each IML printing order is custom made, […]

  • fold-out label

    Fold Out Labels

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    Custom Fold Out Label Printing It has never been more important to stand out on the shelves in a world […]

  • on pack coupons with tattoos

    Promotional Labels Supplier

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    Improve your sales from the same container Promotional labels are a resource that stands out, attracts the consumer and influences […]

  • code cards with alphanumeric code

    Code Cards

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    Code cards are the most used solution for promotional campaigns with prizes (lotteries). Tickets with a unique code allow you […]

  • onpack coupons

    On-Pack Promotions

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    Now you can include promotional gifts on the outside of your packaging thanks to the ON-PACK sachets. We have developed […]

  • manufacturer of pharma displays


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    Custom manufacturer of Displays Grifoll develops custom displays for your product, adapting to every need for capacity and use. Boost […]

  • product holder clipstrip for the point of sale

    Clipstrip Holder

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    The product holder clipstrip is designed for the convenience of manufacturers and consumers. In addition to being an eye-catcher at […]

  • paper packaging

    Custom Paper Packaging

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    In today’s world, businesses need to adopt sustainable practices to stay competitive. One of the ways in which companies committed […]

  • custom plastic packaging

    Plastic Packaging

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    Custom plastic packaging High quality printed plastic packaging. Our packaging solutions incorporate custom finishes and special inks, improving their appeal […]

  • impresión con aromas

    Printing with Aromas

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    Features Grifoll’s Aromas are applied as a special finish to printed material. They are made of microcapsules that release their […]

  • variable data labels

    Variable Data Label Printing

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    With the help of the cutting-edge printing method known as variable data label printing, you may individualise and customise each […]

  • Thermoforming

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    Bring volume to your promotional material with Grifoll’s thermoforming Whether you are looking to launch small in-pack promotions or enhance […]

  • printed plastic covers with silkscreen white

    Covers and inserts

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    Covers are the first thing that attracts the attention of a book, notebook or magazine. And they don’t just work […]

  • qué es la etiqueta IML

    In-Mould Labelling

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    Grifoll offers you a high-quality printing in plastic to have a visually attractive product If you need to include IML […]

  • labelling supplier

    Labelling supplier

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    As a labelling supplier, Grifoll adapts to your changing production needs. Our digital and offset printing technology enables us to […]

  • transparent labels for food

    Transparent Labels

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    Grifoll manufactures custom transparent adhesive labels, adapting to the technical needs of each project. Transparent label printing materials We print […]

Industrialised printing technologies have transformed the way items are labelled, tagged, and adorned, making it simpler for producers to customise their products and satisfy changing client expectations.

Grifoll provides a diverse variety of printing solutions to fulfil the demands of any industrialised environment. We have years of industry expertise and are dedicated to offering high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective printing solutions that match our customers' technical demands.

Industrialised Printing Solutions: Applications

Industrial Printing solutions are utilised in a variety of applications, ranging from product labelling and marking to decorating and packaging. Some of the most frequent uses are:


In the packaging sector, industrial engraving solutions are increasingly being utilised to generate high-quality labels, cartons, and other packaging materials. Product information, barcodes, and other graphics are widely printed onto packaging materials using inkjet and laser printing, while dye-sublimation printing is utilised to make high-quality textile labels and tags.

Displays And Signage

These are also commonly used in the signage and display industry to produce high-quality graphics for billboards, banners, and other promotional materials. Graphics are routinely printed on a variety of materials, including vinyl, cloth, and metal, using inkjet and laser printing.


These are used to affix serial numbers, logos, and other information to parts and components.

Product Identification

These are used to print barcodes, QR codes, and other product identification information.


Industrialised techniques such as IML are used to decorate parts in many plastic products.

Look No Further

Grifoll is dedicated to offering high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective printing solutions to fulfil the unique demands of our customers in industrialised environments. We provide a diverse choice of printers and associated items, as well as great customer service and technical support. Contact us now to learn more about our goods and services, as well as how we can assist you with your printing requirements.