Fold Out Labels

Custom Fold Out Label Printing

It has never been more important to stand out on the shelves in a world where there are countless products vying for consumers’ attention. Enter Fold Out Labels, a ground-breaking product labeling solution that combines unique design with unmatched performance. The conventional idea of a label is put on the back burner by Grifoll’s Fold Out Labels, ushering in a brand-new era of fascinating consumer connection.

Bring Your Creativity To Life With Endless Possibilities

Fold Out Labels push the limits of traditional design, opening up a vast array of artistic possibilities. Imagine opening up layers upon layers of alluring imagery, intricate designs, and engrossing storylines as opposed to limiting your message to a single plane. The enlarged canvas of Fold Out Labels offers an unrivaled platform to showcase your brand’s character, whether you’re marketing a sophisticated culinary masterpiece, a sumptuous skincare solution, or a sophisticated pharmaceutical treatment.

Overwhelmed By Information To Strategic Presentation

In product labeling, finding the ideal balance between information and aesthetics has long been difficult. By providing supplemental panels that gracefully expand when opened, Fold Out Labels provide a sophisticated solution. With the help of this tactical arrangement, marketers are able to inform consumers of in-depth information without drowning them in text. Explore the options for include comprehensive product specs, usage guidelines, nutritional information, and more, all while keeping the main label slick and welcoming.

Custom Fold-Out Label Printing

Fold-out labels are an excellent way to include a lot of information in a reduced space. The inner booklet is protected by a kind of sandwich with an easy-opener, allowing it to be consulted several times. Thanks to this protection, the booklet remains in perfect visual quality before, during and after use.

Uses Of Multi-Page Labels

Booklet Labels Are Generally Used In:

Pharmaceuticals: to include instructions for use on products with reduced space.

Chemical Sector: to include the MSDS directly on the product, without providing a separate leaflet.

Phytosanitary Sector: as in the chemical sector, the fold-out label allows the inclusion of manuals on the product.

Promotional Sector: includes discounts, gift codes and additional information on the product.

Its main advantage is that it expands the information of a product taking advantage of the space available on the package, without the need to provide a separate brochure or manual. Fold-out labels are delivered on a reel and are applied in an automated way, just like a normal adhesive label.

Getting People’s Attention In A Busy Market

Getting consumers’ attention in a time of information overload and intense competition is a task that cannot be ignored. Fold Out Labels offer a remedy by drawing attention to themselves. Your goods or information will stand out among the sea of traditional labels because of their distinctive unfolding process, which naturally attracts attention and arouses curiosity.

Improve Your Experience With Labelling Right Now!

Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies that are already making use of Fold Out Labels to differentiate themselves in crowded marketplaces. Embrace innovation to attract customers and unleash the full potential of your products.

Are you prepared to examine the options? To find out how Fold Out Labels may change your labelling strategy and put you on the road to success, get in touch with us right away.



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