Temporary Tattoo Manufacturer

Cosmetic Temporary Tattoo Manufacturer

Grifoll specializes in printing custom tattoos for children and is currently the largest manufacturer of cosmetic-compliant temporary tattoos in Europe.

As temporary tattoo manufacturer, we comply with the European Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 for cosmetic products and the 2009/48 regulation for toys. Grifoll is also a cosmetic supplier validated by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Cosmetic Products (AEMPS).

Because our tattoos have been evaluated and approved for dermatological use, we can provide the necessary assistance to register a specific design in the CPNP portal, an essential requirement to distribute cosmetic products in the EU.

Special Effects

At Grifoll we work with the necessary technologies to achieve several special effect on our fake tattoos:
  • Full-Color: the four-color tattoos achieve absolute fidelity to the original design. They can be printed using white for a brighter effect or without white for a more realistic effect.
  • Black and White: the most used way to imitate traditional tattoos, such as tribal tattoos.
  • Glitter: to create fancy shiny designs.
  • Luminescent: temporary tattoos that glow in the dark.
  • Metallic: for tattoos with gold and silver effect.
  • Singlepacking: in sustainable materials. Find more information about our overwrapping solutions.

Where are our temporary tattoos made?

The entire manufacture of temporary tattoos is done in our factory in Barcelona, ​​which allows us to have total control of the raw materials, the production process, the traceability and the packing.