Promotional Scratchcards

Promotional Scratchcard Printing

Custom Scratch Tickets are the most successful promotional incentive for sweepstakes and lottery campaigns. Grifoll has over 30 years of experience in printing scratch cards, having participated in hundreds of raffles around the world

Features of Scratch Off Tickets

Grifoll manufactures each project on demand, printing on different supports and following the client’s contest mechanics. In this sense, we offer different solutions when it comes to printing scratch cards:

  • Scratchcards with random alphanumeric codes.
  • Scratcher with unique code.
  • Printing on scratch ink in four-color process.

Can you see through a scratch card?

Lotteries usually include security systems that prevent from knowing if a scratchcard has a prize.

The problem comes when the coupons are used as a promotional incentive for a specific campaign -where these security measures aren’t usually considered. Many can apply a scratch ink, so buyers can easily find a supplier able to provide the basic product. But most printers lack the background and technology to make a truly uncheatable scratch off coupon.

Depending on the design you have to cover, a specialist printer will know the materials to use to make it impossible to see through a scratch card.

Award Winning Scratch Tickets

Grifoll has developed a process that allows the winning tickets to be safely delivered, both randomly mixed and separated from the rest of the cards. You can see how scratch cards work here.


Please note that we are a B2B company and require a minimum number of units for our orders. Be sure to include this information in your request.