Promotional Labels

Improve your sales from the same container

Promotional labels are a resource that stands out, attracts the consumer and influences their purchase decision. They are applied automatically like any other label, and allow the promotion to be changed without modifying the packaging.

Grifoll offers two very different promotional labeling solutions:

  • Promotional label: contains a code, a discount or a direct prize. There are from the simplest to those that have scratch ink to discover the prize.
  • onpack tag: onpack or coupon tags include a promotional gift inside. Grifoll has developed this solution for products that do not admit an advertising item inside (cold meats, drinks, etc.). The label is applied automatically but has a tattoo, a sticker, a card or any other flat promotional gift inside.

Why use promotional labels?

The promotions add value and difference within very competitive markets. They can help overcome the seasonality of some products. They improve repeat purchase and brand recognition.

Adding promotions to your products through labeling will allow you to do so in an agile, automated, economical and original way.