principios de sostenibilidad de la industria gráfica

Principles of Sustainability and Occupational Health

Our growth roadmap is based on sustainability. We are part of a social, economic and environmental fabric whose future depends on the decisions made in the present. For this reason, Grifoll inseparably unites economic growth, social responsibility and respect for the environment .

Our obligation to society goes beyond creating wealth. At Grifoll we try to make decisions in a transparent way, developing inclusive policies that positively impact our social and environmental context.

You can download here our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

pol´tica mediambiental de la industria gráfica

Environmental Policy

You can download here ourEnvironmental Policy

The environment is a conditioning factor of all human activity. Protecting it and making a responsible and sustainable use of its resources is essential to guarantee the future of our society. For this reason, Grifoll is committed to gradually applying the following practices for greater respect for the environment:

  • Design, maintain and improve our facilities in a continuous way so that the environmental impact is avoided or diminished.
  • Implement efficient waste management processes to reduce emissions, discharges, waste and noise.
  • Implement a transparent environmental policy.
  • Integrate the environmental dimension and respect for the environment in the global strategy.