Paper Toys

Paper Toys are a new concept of buildables. The parts that make the figurine can be folded and anchored to each other to achieve more complex figures.

Developed in 2021, this collectible / promotional incentive has sold over 48 million units in just one year.

Advantages of Paper Toys

  1. They are interchangeable: create collections and encourage repeat purchases.
  2. They are ALL AGES: this gift complies with toy regulations.
  3. They are playable: gamify your promo and extend the exposure to your brand.
  4. They are customizable: create characters, buildings, animals or any theme that appeals to your target audience.
  5. They are Sustainable: made on FSC paper™ that ensures a responsible management of resources.

Green Promotions

Sustainable gifts add increasing value to promotional actions. Grifoll proposes paper solutions that are ecological and compete in perceived value with plastic 3D items.

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Please note that we are a B2B company and require a minimum number of units for our orders. Be sure to include this information in your request.