Loyalty Gifts

Grifoll prints collectible cards, trading cards, and albums. We offer a wide range of packaging, mixing and presentation solutions.

  • custom temporary tattoos

    Custom Temporary Tattoos

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    Custom Temporary Tattoos Manufacturer Considered a cosmetic product and a toy by the European standard, the sticker tattoo is our […]

  • maquillajes al agua

    Facepaint Cards

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    Show your colors! Asking your customers to put something on their skin is a tricky business: you can’t offer them […]

  • Combined Promos – 2 in 1

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    Make it double! With your imagination any combination is possible Why launch one promo when you can launch two? Grifoll […]

  • stickercards made in europe spanish printing


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    Card + Sticker = Stickercards! Offer double to your customers. Stickercards combine the best of collectible cards with the possibilities […]

  • transfer for custom masks

    Transfer for Masks

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    Customize masks with your logo, license or brand Grifoll has developed a new transfer for masks, super easy to apply […]

  • custom trading cards

    Trading Cards

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    Trading Cards Maker Grifoll prints custom trading cards for all kinds of collections and board games. With the capacity to […]

  • print custom stickers

    Custom Stickers

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    Printing Custom Stickers Grifoll produces custom stickers for collections and promotional actions. We print a wide variety of paper and […]

  • lenticular printing trading card

    Lenticular Printing

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    What is lenticular printing? Lenticular printing adds movement and depth to flat images. Trading cards, stickers, magazine covers, packaging, PoS… […]

  • imanes personalizados

    Custom Magnets

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    Create useful promotional magnets that can be adapted to any shape Flexible, resistant and quite useful. Grifoll's promotional magnets are […]

  • temporary tattoo manufacturer

    Temporary Tattoo Manufacturer

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    Cosmetic Temporary Tattoo Manufacturer Grifoll specializes in printing custom tattoos for children and is currently the largest manufacturer of cosmetic-compliant […]

  • metallic tattoo with metallic effect

    Metallic Tattoo

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    Metallic tattoos, also called jewel tattoos, are stickers with a shiny effect that mimics metal. They can be made with […]

  • glow in the dark tattoos for kids

    Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoos

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    Glow in the dark Tattoos for spooky promos Whether you are thinking in a premium tattoo for children or a […]

  • nail tattoos

    Nail Tattoos

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    Cosmetic-grade Nail Tattoos Grifoll prints nail tattoos according to safety and cosmetic standards. Customize your style by decorating your hands […]

  • glitter temporary tattoo

    Glitter Temporary Tattoo

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    Tattoos with Glitter Temporary tattoos with glitter effect draw attention and increase perceived value. Unlike the luminescent tattoos, the glitter […]

  • Paper Toy

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    Paper Toys are a new concept of buildables. The parts that make the figurine can be folded and anchored to […]

  • stickertattoos manufacturer


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    Trade and wear in a single promo. Stickertattoos combine the best of collectible stickers with the playability of the temporary […]