Code Cards

Code cards are the most used solution for promotional campaigns with prizes (lotteries). Tickets with a unique code allow you to structure promotions by area, segment, etc. They generally hide the alphanumeric code so that consumers cannot access the prize without consuming the product. The two most common ways to hide it are by bagging or with special finishes.

Special finishes for code cards

Some of the most popular finishes to hide the unique code are scratch ink, ultraviolet ink and thermochromic inks that react to different temperatures.

Coded printing is not limited to cards, it can also be applied to letters, brochures, leaflets, or any printed promotional element that we want to personalize. Although the most used encoding is alphanumeric, we can print custom texts, getting a unique message on each of your customers.

At Grifoll we have successfully produced millions of coded tickets. C0n74ct u5 and w3 w1ll adv1c3 y0u!