Metallic Tattoo

Metallic tattoos, also called jewel tattoos, are stickers with a shiny effect that mimics metal. They can be made with gold ink, silver ink, or any combination of metallic ink colors.

Types of metallic tattoos

Grifoll is a European manufacturer of metallic temporary tattoos that complies with the EC 1223/2009 standard for Cosmetic Products, as well as the EN 2009/48 standard Toy Safety. All the metallic inks we work with have been tested and approved for dermatological use, guaranteeing a safe distribution within the European territory.

The types of effect that can be achieved with metallic tattoos are:

  • Gold Tattoo: with a golden effect.
  • Silver Tattoo: with a silver effect.
  • Metallic effect: any combination of colors mixed with metallic ink, achieving a comprehensive effect.

Are they stamping tattoos?

No, our metallic tattoos are not printed using stamping. Currently there are not manufacturers of this material with sufficient cosmetic guarantees, so we choose to print our tattoos with inks that do comply with current regulations. Like jewel stamping, the result is visually very attractive, but it also allows us to offer a greater combination of colors that would not be possible otherwise.

Can you send me samples?

Contact us here and tell us about your project. We will be delighted to help you.