Metallic Tattoo

Where to buy Metallic Temporary Tattoos?

If your concern is to offer a high quality product that complies with the required standards we present to you our certified gold and silver temporary tattoos.

Certified Gold and Silver Tattoos

We are a metallic tattoo manufacturer based in Europe and our removable tattoos comply with the 1223/2009 regulation for cosmetics, as well as the 2009/48 for toy safety and the REACH. Also, we are approved by the Ministry of Health as cosmetic manufacturer and our tattoos have an approved safety assessment as demanded by 1223/2009. This safety assessment is property of Grifoll as manufacturer, and can be provided to any authority. Our tattoos have been tested and approved by an European toxicologist, and we conduct several tests to guarantee the quality and safety of raw materials, procedures and final product. The result of these tests allows us to indicate in the tattoo that it has been dermatologically tested.

Are these stamping tattoos?

No, our metallic tattoos are not made with stamping. They are made of ink in order to let the skin breath. The result is visually attractive and we can achive a greater combination of colours than with stamping films.