Special Effects

Inserts on all types of supports with special effects, finishes and custom handling.

  • code cards with alphanumeric code

    Code Cards

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    Code cards are the most used solution for promotional campaigns with prizes (lotteries). Tickets with a unique code allow you […]

  • impresión con aromas

    Printing with Aromas

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    Features Grifoll's Aromas are applied as a special finish to printed material. They are made of microcapsules that release their […]

  • printed plastic covers with silkscreen white

    Covers and inserts

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    Covers are the first thing that attracts the attention of a book, notebook or magazine. And they don’t just work […]

  • whiteboard effect for promotional calendars


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    What is a Whiteboard? A whiteboard is a sheet treated with the Velleda effect, a finishing that allows you to […]