Advantages of in mold labelling

This post focuses on the advantages of the IML label. If you are confused, visit our previous post where we explained what an IML label is and how the injection molding process works.

What are the main advantages of the IML label?

IML is a technique for decorating plastic parts that has a number of improvements over other techniques, such as direct screen printing:

  1. Strength: during the injection process, the product and the label are integrated into a single element. In other words, they are not independent as with conventional labels. IML labels merge with the part during the manufacturing process, making the decoration an inherent part of the product.

  2. Durability: Thanks to our printing technique, the ink is encapsulated, protecting the decoration from rubbing and wear for years. Immold labeling can withstand the high temperatures of industrial washing or transformation processes, being a widely used solution in semi-processed products.

  3. Versatility: these labels adapt to any type of part and can be printed on different types of plastic, facilitating integration into the decoration process. They are used on cups and caps, as well as on boxes, garbage cans or containers.

  4. Image quality: compared to direct screen printing, IML printing is carried out in offset, ensuring a very high definition.

  5. Reusability: IML labels should be made of the same material as the container. If the container is recyclable, the label will be recyclable as well.

  6. Health and safety: Grifoll has developed a printing process that encapsulates the inks, preventing direct contact with the mouth and food.

Upcoming legal benefits

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Immold labeling is a higher quality decorative process that will benefit from the entry into force of new regulations for disposable plastics. A disposable plastic part does not need to be decorated to withstand long periods of time or different uses. But in the case of reusable plastic parts that seek to maintain their visual quality over time, In Mould labels are the decorative solution that is best suited.

In summary, the numerous advantages of the IML label are contributing to its establishment as the most widely used decorative solution for all types of injected plastic parts. If you want to know more about how we can help you with this product, you can contact us directly or visit our IML label manufacturers page.

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