Lenticular Printing

What is lenticular printing?

Lenticular printing adds movement and depth to flat images. Trading cards, stickers, magazine covers, packaging, PoS… Any printed element can incorporate this 3D effect. As promotional articles, lenticulars have strong visual appeal, increasing the perceived value of any printed gift.

Types of lenticular printing

There are three types of lenticulars that can be combined with each other:

  • 3D Lenticular Printing: Gives volume and layers of depth to the image. It is the most used with licensed characters.
  • Morph: There is a gradual change between an initial and a final state. It is used mostly to show the evolution of a character.
  • Movi-Movi: Several images are alternated that simulate movement or sudden change.

It can be produced in any size, so it is equally valid for advertising messages, inserts with a lenticular effect and promotional premiums.


Lenticular technology is very delicate and it is difficult to achieve an optimal result. There are varying degrees of quality in the final outcome, all of which are the result on how the images have been processed prior to launching production. Grifoll’s experience in printing lenticulars was recognized in 2013 with the 1st Prize for Special Effects awarded by the Guild of Graphic Arts of Catalonia.