Face Paint Cards

Show your colors with our Cosmetic Face Paint Cards

Asking your customers to apply anything on their skin is a delicate matter: you have to care for them as much as you care for yourself. Grifoll is a Face Paint Cards manufacturer endorsed by the Ministry of Health as Cosmetic Manufacturer. Our face paint cards are produced under strict cosmetic standards and comply with the EU 1223/2009 European Regulation for Cosmetic Products.


Our water Face Paints are certified by a eurotox and comply with the EU 1223/2009 Regulation for Cosmetic Products as well as the EC 2009/48 for Toy Safety Regulation and the REACH, allowing our Face Paints to be distributed safely within European countries. Grifoll's Face Paints are made with pigments that can be applied safely, which makes them optimal merchandise for children and sportfans. The cards are manufactured according to the Good Manufacturing Practices and can be easily cleaned with water. 

In Pack and On Pack Solutions

We offer several wrapping and flowpack solutions in order to distribute the Face Paint Cards. Grifoll produces in-house the wrapping and the premiums, providing you with an integral solution and saving time by dealing with one supplier only.

  • Inpack: Food contact wrapping offered in paper, plastic and combined wraps.
  • Onpack: paper packets, transparent flow wrap, metallic flow wrap, adhesive packets. 

For detailed wrapping solutions please click here.

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