Facepaint Cards

Show your colors!

Asking your customers to put something on their skin is a tricky business: you can’t offer them anything you wouldn’t apply yourself. Grifoll is a manufacturer of water-based make-up endorsed by the Ministry of Health as a cosmetic manufacturer. Our promotional facepaints are manufactured under strict quality standards and complies with European Regulation EU 1223/2009 for Cosmetic Products.

Characteristics of promotional makeup

Our Water-Based facepaints for children have been approved by a eurotox and comply with the Regulation EU 1223/2009 of Cosmetic Products as well as with the Regulation of Toys EC 2009/48 and REACH. This allows our Makeup to be cosmetic and to be distributed safely within the European Union.

Grifoll’s water-based facepaint is made up of inks that are applied safely to the skin, so it is an optimal solution for promotions with sports makeup or children’s makeup. They are also manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices and are designed to prevent children from dirtying everything, so they are easily cleaned by applying water again.

In-Pack and On-Pack Solutions

We offer several coadhesive and flowpack inserting options for the distribution of cosmetic makeup. Grifoll produces all the elements internally, both the premiums promotional as well as the enveloping, which allows us to provide you with a comprehensive solution that will save you management time when dealing with a single supplier.

  • Inpack: Envelope for contact with food in paper, plastic or combined.
  • Onpack: paper envelopes, transparent flowpack, metallic flowpack and adhesive envelopes for the outside of the product.

For more information visit our envelopes section for promotions.