We specialize in loyalty premiums, collectibles, promotional gifts for children and auxiliar printing. The sectors that demand our services the most are (click on the icon for more information):

Marketing Agencies

Grifoll works hand-to-hand with the main players in the loyalty market developing innovative promotional gifts, toys and collectibles.

We focus on the quality and safety of the products we manufacture, working according to the most demanding international standards to guarantee a safe distribution.

Plastic Industries

As an IML label printer, Grifoll works under the ISO 9001 Quality standard, as well as the Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our IML solutions start at 57 microns, and we can offer a regular supply or punctual needs in low and big quantities.

Sweet & Beverages

Grifoll offers specific multi-page labeling and promotional packaging solutions for the agri-food and impulse sector.

Additionally, we have a clean room for food-grade packing, allowing a safe insertion of promotional items in your product.

Pharmaceutical Sector

Grifoll develops and manufactures medical promotional material (calendars, folders, boards with removable ink ...), as well as POS furniture (tablecloths, stoppers, totems and displays).

We also offer printed products for the pharmacy at an industrial level, such as booklet labels. Our factory is governed by Good Manufacturing Practices and it is audited annually according to ISO 9001 and 22716( GMP for Cosmetic Products).

Publishing Houses

Grifoll is a regular publisher partner thanks to its ability to print exclusive materials with special finishes.

This allows us to provide complex inserts and covers, as well as promotional or collectible items that need to be inserted into a publication.

Phytosanitary and Veterinary

Grifoll manufactures booklet labels, which allow attaching user manuals and expanding the information displayed.

We also offer labels adapted to special needs, such as high temperatures, weather resistance or plastic materials.