Promotional Solutions

Grifoll offers innovative promotional solutions solutions for your loyalty campaigns.

  • custom temporary tattoos

    Custom Temporary Tattoos

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  • fabricante de vasos personalizados

    Plastic Cups

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    A promotional gift that will stick to your client forever There are merchandises that remind us of a special moment […]

  • maquillaje al agua

    Facepaint Cards

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    Show your colors! Asking your customers to put something on their skin is a tricky business: you can’t offer them […]

  • Combined Promos – 2 in 1

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    Make it double! With your imagination any combination is possible Why launch one promo when you can launch two? Grifoll […]

  • stickercards made in europe spanish printing


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    Card + Sticker = Stickercards! Offer double to your customers. Stickercards combine the best of collectible cards with the possibilities […]

  • transfer for custom masks

    Transfer for Masks

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    Customize masks with your logo, license or brand Grifoll has developed a new transfer for masks, super easy to apply […]

  • custom trading cards

    Trading Cards

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    For many years, Trading Cards have been a source of fascination for gamers, collectors, and aficionados. These compact, transportable, and […]

  • augmented reality sticker

    Augmented Reality Printing

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    Using augmented reality printing, you may explore a completely new level of creativity and interaction. Imagine bringing your creations—including designs, […]

  • print custom stickers

    Custom Stickers

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    Printing Custom Stickers Makers Are you looking for a unique method to market your business, express yourself, or give your […]

  • lenticular printing trading card

    3D Lenticular Printing

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    With its intriguing lenticular printing technology, which enables pictures to shift or transition when viewed from different angles, visual displays […]

  • custom puzzle maker


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    Custom puzzles made on demand Puzzles are one of the best promotional item for the little ones. Fun and educational, […]

  • code cards with alphanumeric code

    Code Cards

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    Code cards are the most used solution for promotional campaigns with prizes (lotteries). Tickets with a unique code allow you […]

  • dry watercolor paint sets

    Paint Sets

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    To make a child happy you only need some water and Grifoll Paint Sets. The cheapest way to offer a […]

  • printed paper overwrapping


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    Overwrapping solutions for every need Grifoll offers a wide range of packing options depending on design, material and purpose. With […]

  • Movimiento perpetuo

    Fiddler – 4D Puzzle

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    Create an endless promotion with Grifoll’s Fiddlers Whether you’d like to tell a story, explain something through layers or just […]

  • onpack coupons

    On-Pack Promotions

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    Now you can include promotional gifts on the outside of your packaging thanks to the ON-PACK sachets. We have developed […]