Our services are divided into three areas of action. Technical development, manufacturing and logistics. Each area focuses on providing a response adapted to the specific needs of each project.

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Technical Advice

More than 50 years of experience at your service to achieve the best results. Our loyalty team will help you define the gift that best suits your promotional marketing campaign and insertion processes. Our industrial printing specialists can assist you in developing a functional solution for your production chain.

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Grifoll controls all stages of production internally, facilitating communication flow and quality check. This allows us to have a traceability system and greater reactivity to accommodate the delivery needs of our clients.

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Our Safety Department supervises that the raw materials, the manufacturing and the finished item comply with the current regulations and the most demanding international standards. We are aware that our products reach thousands of homes and we focus all our resources on ensuring their safety.

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Grifoll offers a wide variety of printed finishes designed to stimulate the five senses: varnished, reliefs, aromas, metallic, luminescent, glitter, packing, lamination...

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We adjust our deliveries to your factory needs, improving your inventory management and reducing storage costs.