Trading Cards

Trading Cards Maker

Grifoll prints custom trading cards for all kinds of collections and board games. With the capacity to deliver up to 5 million cards per week, our team manages the production internally, controlling the entire production process.

Collectible cards are highly valued as a promotional gift. They create a bond with customers and encourage repeatition, which is why cards are widely used in loyalty programs.

Special Finishings

Grifoll can apply a series of special effects to different supports, making it possible to highlight certain elements of the collection. These effects are: lenticular, metallic, gold, silver, holographic, transparent, luminescent, glitter, relief varnish, high gloss, thermo-reveal and ultraviolet.

Our factory is equiped for custom mixing, being able to adapt to the requirements of randomness of any collection.

During the packing process we can insert other items together with the cards, such as stickers or temporary tattoos.

Finally, Grifoll can manufacture the collection’s display box, delivering the product ready to be distributed.