Paper Flowpack

Grifoll has developed a paper flowpack solution that will revolutionize promotional packaging. It is sustainable, 100% recyclable, and enables high-quality printing.

What is flowpack?

It is an inserting system that seals an envelope by heat in three different places:

  • The top is sealed horizontally.
  • The bottom is also sealed horizontally.
  • The back is sealed with a vertical strip in the middle.

It is the typical envelope for trading cards, snacks, etc. Flowpack sachets are highly appreciated because they adjust very well to the content, resulting in a more attractive product with a high perceived value.

Why a paper flowpack envelope?

Flowpack packaging is widely used due to its economy, adaptability, ease of opening, and perceived value. Until now this type of wrapping was made in plastics or metallized films, since these materials withstand the thermal process necessary for their manufacture.

However, this same widespread use causes a huge amount of plastic waste to be generated. With the aim of reducing this waste and offering high value-added promotional solutions, at Grifoll we have developed a 100% paper flowpack, without added resins or silicones. Therefore this envelope is fully recyclable and can even be made with recycled FSC materials.

Differences between plastic and paper flowpack

Regardless of the material, all of our flowpack solutions are recyclable. The paper-based solution will not eliminate plastic envelopes, but it is a giant leap towards sustainability, especially in the promotional and publishing world:

  • The paper envelope is sustainable, while the plastic one is not.
  • The plastic envelope allows you to see the inside if it is not printed. The paper one is opaque.
  • The paper wrapping cannot be used for foods, the plastic envelope can.

As a manufacturer of printed promotions with more than 50 years of experience, Grifoll can help you edge your promotional proposals with sustainable solutions. Contact us to start developing your project.