6 pros for using In Mould Labels

This post focuses on the advantages of using IML labels. For more informations, visit our previous post in which we explained in depth what are inmold labels and how does the injection molding process work.

In Mould Labelling is spreading quickly due to its advantages compared to other labelling systems. Although the IML was created in the 70’s, it has been the recent innovations what has favoured the in mould over other plastic decoration techniques, such as heat transfer or self-adhesive.

What is In Mould Labelling?

The In Mould Labelling consists in joining the process of thermoforming the product with the process of labelling it in a simultaneous operation. First the label is placed in the mould, where it is maintained in its position by vacuum or electrostatic attraction. Secondly the melted plastic is injected in the mould, where it will become its final shape. Once cold and solid, the label will have become an integral part of the product.

Pros of incorporating IML( in mould label )

Decoration by IML labels offers a series of advantages that we will summarize here:

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  1. Optimization: The in-mould labeling process saves large runs by minimizing waste, labor and time. After injection into the mold, the product is 100% finished, eliminating the post-labelling operation.
  2. Versatility: these labels adapt to any shape and are printed on different types of plastic, making it easy to integrate into the decoration process. They are used both in glasses and caps, as well as in boxes, control panels, bins or containers.
  3. Visual quality: Compared to direct screen printing, in-mold printing allows perfect graphic resolution. By integrating with the part, the IML label is perceived as an organic part of the product.
  4. Reuse: one of the advantages of using IML labels is that they are made of the same material as the container. If the container is recyclable, the label will be too.
  5. Durability: IML is not affected by wear and tear in the same way as other forms of labeling. It can also resist the high temperatures of industrial washing or transformation processes, being a widely used solution in semi-transformed.
  6. Health and safety: our printing process encapsulates the inks, preventing direct contact with the mouth and food.

Advantages of using IML labels according to current legislation

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In mould label is a higher quality decorative process that will benefit from the entry into force of new regulations regarding disposable plastics. For a piece of disposable plastic, a decoration that resists long periods of time or different uses is not necessary. But in the case of reusable plastic parts that seek to maintain visual quality over time, In Mold labels are the decorative solution that best suits.

In summary, the numerous advantages of using IML labels contribute to its becoming the most widely used decorative solution for all types of injected plastic parts. If you want to know more about how we can help you with this product, you can contact us directly or visit our IML label manufacturers page.

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