What is a Special Finishing?

When we think about printing we imagine a coloured piece of paper. However, a Printing Company is able to manufacture final products prepared to compete in massive markets.

Grifoll is an expert in two graphic disciplines: printing in several materials and printing with special inks or finishings. Most printing factories rely on a full-time machine that offers only one solution, two at the most. They are defined and limited by this solution.

On the other hand, having several machines that can work combined allows us to offer a wide range of printing solutions and elaborated products, which is a key point of Grifoll as printing supplier. By using different printing techniques and the ability to work with numerous materials we can produce constant innovation and complex printed products.

What is a Special Finishing? 1Printing in special supports does not consist in just transfering the ink to a rare material. These supports are generally used when they need to fulfill an extra function: magnets, high temperatures, food contact…The printing must, therefore, respect this special function and be adapted to it so the final product can be magnetic, withstand high temperatures or be in contact with food. Also, a special finishing can, for instance, increase engagement.

These are some very demanded special finishings and materials:

  1. Plastic Labels: contact us for materials and heavyweight
  2. Metallic Printting: gold, silver
  3. Velleda Effect
  4. Blackboard Effect
  5. Printing with Aroma
  6. Magnet Printing
  7. Food Contact
  8. Wrapping
  9. Lenticular Effect
  10. Thermochromic (Cold, Heat, Water)
  11. Glow in the Dark Printing
  12. Glitter Printing
  13. Scratch Ink
  14. Alphanumeric Codes
Mateo Hilderink
Mateo Hilderink

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