5 ways to increase Engagement

Marketers estimate we receive an average of 3,000 commercial impacts per day, of which we remember around 90. To face this overflow of information, consumers are consistently reducing their attention spam. To stand out all this noise companies are using two tactics:

A.- Shocking messages that get our attention due to originality or narrative power.

B.- Offering something other than a commercial message that the target can perceive as an added value for them. This is the way to build engagement.

We usually think that printing is about visual impact. From this point of view, digital marketing is devouring printed materials due to larger visual and narrative resources.

However, there are printing solutions that go beyond visual impact and achieve what digital can’t: engagement. A printed special finishing can make our message stand out and create a bond with the consumer if we focus in making it interesting for them. These are five real case studies in which a special printed product was able to engage consumer and brand:

5 ways to increase Engagement 11.- Blackboard Effect: the best cover is the one made by your readers. The blackboard printing effect allows your target to interact with your product in very personal way, creating an emotional bond with the brand.

5 ways to increase Engagement 22.- Whiteboard Effect: this special finishing allows multiple writings and rewritings within the same surface. Besides the playful possibilities, the Whiteboard or Velleda Effect is great for calendars or plannings. Here you can find a video about how the Velleda Effect works.

3.- Magnet Poster: Magnets on top of magnets to create stories. Make your target play with it or use it for educational purposes. For its a magnetized material it will last longer than most promotional gifts.

5 ways to increase Engagement 34.- Books with Smell: Characters become alive when they appeal your senses. Grifoll has worked in several projects in which Smelly Ink was an integral part of the story. This is another way books have to create a special bond with their readers.

5 ways to increase Engagement 45.- Paint Sets Covers: like the blackboard effect, this was another way to let the consumers express themselves. Paint Sets are a special ink that you only need to wet in order to paint with it. Because the final product doesn’t need further elements (such as chalk) more colours can be added.

Mateo Hilderink
Mateo Hilderink

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