Sustainability Plan 2021-2025

Sustainability Plan 2021-2025 1

In 2020 the Grifoll team developed a five-year sustainability plan based on the SDG 2030. In June 2022, just halfway through, we are seeing the results of a plan that not only affects the organization but the entire ecosystem in which we interact: suppliers, customers, institutions…

We have summarized this Sustainability Plan in 5 fundamental pillars:

1. Minimization of waste and reuse of consumables

During manufacturing, there is waste that we cannot reuse. The recycling of these materials is carried out by certified managers in Circular Economy. For the materials that we do can reuse, such as packaging, we have implemented a dynamic of reutilization, being returned to suppliers and clients or reused in the internal logistics circuit.

2. Renewables and selfconsumption

Currently 100% of our energy consumption comes from clean energy. Since 2020 we have 197 solar panels installed at Grifoll with the capacity to supply up to 30% of our energy needs. This investment is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our printed products and contributes to a more sustainable energy model.

3. Efficient production and energy saving

In the last 3 years, Grifoll has invested more than 3 million euros in modernizing its printing machinery and optimizing its production processes. Among these improvements is the possibility of print finer materials, which translates in using less raw materials and transportation.

4. Raw materials

The goal is for our main promotional solutions to be 100% plastic free.

Our solutions in paper and derivatives currently represent 81% of our production compared to 19% in plastic. This is a variation of 10% in favor of paper compared to the previous year. A fact especially relevant if we take into account that historically one of Grifoll’s differential values has been its ability to print on plastic.

This change is the outcome of an effort to actively develop and propose paper solutions with enough added value to replace plastic promotional gifts. The best example is the development of the PAPER TOY, of which we have produced 50 million pieces in the last year.

5. Comprehensive traceability

Grifoll has a system that traces the origin of raw materials and production processes. To achieve comprehensive traceability, our Quality department is studying how to measure the carbon footprint of our main products.

As part of this desire to reduce the environmental impact of our products, the use of FSC materials has been promoted, which has increased by 27% compared to last year.

Despite the difficulties involved, we are fully aware of the importance of achieving a production model that minimizes the impact of the industry on the planet. That is why we are devoting a great deal of time, resources and effort to making Grifoll a benchmark for sustainability within the graphic industry.

Mateo Hilderink
Mateo Hilderink

Generating opportunities for Grifoll since 2013. Specialist in promotional product and loyalty campaigns.

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