Combined Promos - 2 in 1

Make it double! With your imagination any combination is possible

Why launch one promo when you can launch two? Grifoll allows you to join several printed promos into one. Your merchandising will be more original, funny and appealing. Here we offer some ideas:

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Sticker / Trading Card

Combine a sticker with a trading card to show different aspects of the same character, like an evolution; or when you have opposing characters, like hero and nemesis. The sticker leaves no stain in the card when you remove it so the cards can be collected.

Sticker / Tattoo

It is a complex combination to produce, but it results in a very exclusive promo very attractive to children, who get a temporary tattoo and a collectible sticker at the same time.

Remember that combinations are limitless. Call us and find your 2 in 1!