In-Mould Labelling

Grifoll offers you a high-quality printing in plastic to have a visually attractive product

If you need to include IML to your assembly line Grifoll is the partner you are looking for. Our In Mould Labels are made with the best inks and materials in order to achieve a perfect adherence, visibility and durability. We work head to head and arm to arm with our industrial partners in order to develop labels completely adapted to their needs. In mold processes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and that is why we walk the extra mile to have a plastic label that will meet all the producer's requirements.


Grifoll is flexible. This means that we are printers, and therefore can adapt our materials and printing to the specific features of each product. But it also means that we are capable of delivering unexpected tight-schedule needs to our clients with short notice.

Uses for In Mold Labeling

IML solutions are mainly demanded mainly for two markets: packing and decoration. Plastic packagings using in mold labels are widely spread now, and decorative parts with IML are commonly used in several industries, such as toys, automotive, pharmacy, construction…

Is In Mould Labelling better?

Check the advantages of using IML if you wish further information on how to improve your labelling process.

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