5 Tips to find the Perfect Supplier

What shall we ask from a supplier?

Grifoll es el proveedor de material promocional impreso líder en EuropaFor years we have been forced to select our suppliers based on price. The economic twist and the fall in margins ended up determining the buying policies of many companies, sacrificing a better service for lower prices. It looks like the panorama is changing, allowing us to consider a wider range of suppliers that can offer goods and intangibles that will let us offer better service and, why not, save on costs.

These are the criteria Grifoll considers when selecting a new supplying partner:

  1. Service
  2. Quality
  3. Price
  4. Control
  5. Policies


consejos para elegir un proveedor5 Tips to find the Perfect Supplier 1Our view is that receiving a good service is the factor that affects the most our own daily activity. Having a net of suppliers with an excelent sales support, good payment conditions, compliant with delivery times, involved in our projects and motivated to offer custom solutions is fundamental because it echoes in our outcome, and therefore in the image we project towards our own clients.


5 Tips to find the Perfect Supplier 1The Quality of the Goods and Services we acquire must be in line with the quality of the goods and services WE offer. Our position in the market is defined through each and every aspect of our offer. E.g. a Food Company defined as ‘Eco-friendly’ will see its image affected if one of its suppliers uses aggresive chemicals. More and more Blue Markets are pushing the companies to be responsible with their stakeholders.


5 Tips to find the Perfect Supplier 2The Price, of course, is essential when choosing a supplier. We understand price as a fair retribution for the service and quality received. If we are looking for agility, it makes no sense to pay less in order to get inflexibility, bad delivery times and inferior raw materials, as it makes no sense to pay in excess for services we don’t need or below our expectations.


5 Tips to find the Perfect Supplier 3The ideal supplier must have control over every process involving the solution we are demanding. E.g.: If they provide raw materials, it is best if these materials are produced by them. This way they have direct control over delivery times, availability, possible solutions, etc. Nobody knows better a product than the one who manufactures it, which is why these companies can provide the best results.


5 Tips to find the Perfect Supplier 4The prosperity we have experienced in the past 150 years is based on certain policies regarding responsibility and compromise with common welfare. How companies treat workers, the way they deal with regulations and apply responsible manufacturing practices, the management of environmental impact are some of the points we have to be aware of since they are a real investment in the well-being and development of our society.

Mateo Hilderink
Mateo Hilderink

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