The necessity of using POS

In the digital era we tend to obviate the physical aspect of the sale. The multiple possibilities of direct communication that internet offers make us forget that most choices are still made in the POS. The theory that establish the digital environment as the place where decisions take place is called ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) and was developed by Jim Lecinscki for Google in 2013. The consumer decides depending on an information that he himself searches for and that is usually given by other users, news, ratings, videos, etc. This theory is taking impulse in many companies, increasing digital marketing budgets for (surprise!) Google advertising tools.

Google draws a consumer 100% rational. His or her decisions are taken in accordance to objective data and credible ratings, and they maintain that decision until the moment of purchasing the goods. Or do they? Why then are top brands investing huge amounts on POS displays? The reason is simple: 55% of purchasings are still irrational, meaning they are made out of impulsiveness.

Let’s imagine a shelf where no advertising elements are placed. If the consumer has to make the effort to search and find your product, how many stimulus is he receiving meanwhile? How many floorstands, wooblers and displays does he cross from brands that are not willing to lose a sale?

In 2004 Procter & Gamble created a position called “Director of FMOT” (First Moment of Truth). The FMOT determines that the decision making takes place when we are facing the product, and that the interaction with the client in the POS is vital to get to that all-important moment.

In Grifoll we believe that ZMOT is very important. We know that being relevant in a digital environment is a previous step to get the trust of our clients. And yet it is the certified quality, the service, the printing technologies and the professionalism of our team what really determine the choice of Grifoll as printing supplier. In the same manner, it is the physical elements surrounding a product what drives the consumer’s attention, easing that Moment of Truth in which the sale is finally made.

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Mateo Hilderink
Mateo Hilderink

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