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Temporary tattoos for kids manufactured according to European standards

Grifoll has produced temporary tattoos for over 50 years. We have become the biggest manufacturer of transfer tattoos in Europe. In our factory, located in Barcelona, we nurse every aspect of our tattoos, including materials that comply with the latest regulations and special effects. Grifoll can help you develop your custom tattoo campaigns and reach international markets easily thanks to our European validations.

tattoos certified with ISO  Transfer tattoos produced under Good Manufacturing Practices  Tattoos audited by Sedex

Regulations that affect transfer tattoos (temporary tattoos)

The European Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 considers the temporary tattoo a Cosmetic Product as well as a Toy. Grifoll's transfer tattoos have been evaluated and approved by a toxicologist. Therefore, we can provide the needed support to register an specific tattoo, which is an indispensable requirement to distribute any cosmetic products in the European Union

Grifoll also produces its temporary tattoos according to the Good Manufacturing Practices, and has the capacity to pack each tattoo individually. These packed tattoos are apt for food contact both in transparent plastic and paper, ensuring the neutrality of your product.

Transfer tattoos for kids with special effects

Grifoll has the expertise to produce any kind of temporary tattoo:
  • Four-Colour Process: imagination is the limit. Tattoos printed in four-colour process make any design highly appealing.
  • One Ink: the usual way to replicate traditional tattoos like tribals.
  • Glitter Tattoos: fabulous designs that shine.
  • Glow-in-the-dark Tattoos: for Halloween or scary promotional gifts. Discover more about Glowing Tattoos here.
  • Metallic Tattoos: special for jewel tattoos. Gives a silver or gold effect to the decal.
  • Wrapping: include premiums in your products. Produced under Good Manufacturing Practices.


The whole process of manufacturing a temporary tattoo happens in our own factory, allowing us to have the most optimized chain and offer the most competitive prices.

Should you need further information about temporary tattoos do not hesitate to contact us!

temporary tattoos produced in Europe
transfer tattoos for kids - promotional premiums
Glitter temporary tattoo made in Europe
Glow in the dark temporary tattoos with cosmetic certificate

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