Glitter Temporary Tattoo

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Glow tattoos shine while it's dark, glitter tattoos will shine on broadlight!

Temporary tattoos with a glitter effect draw attention because they look awesome. Apply glitter on your designs and improve them creating amazing effects. If you are looking for temporary tattoos for children the glitter tattoo is a great choice.

Quality of a Glitter Tattoo

Glitter used by Grifoll in our shining temporary tattoos have been tested and are certified in order to guarantee its safety according to European Regulation. Grifoll has been producing temporary tattoos that shine with glitter for more than 30 years, specially for FMCG companies and editorials, and we are happy to advise our clients on how a glitter design will render its optimal result.

If you wish to know more about Glitter temporary tattoos request more info and we will be happy to help!

temporary tattoo with glitter effect
Shiny Glitter Temporary Tattoos
Glitter tattoo applied
glitter tattoo sheet

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