SHOPPRINT: Types of Wrapping Solution

Wrapping a promotional item

Fabricante de ensobrados para promociones

We are often asked to print a promotional item and receive all information regarding size, special effects, etc. However, as soon as we ask about the wrapping many clients freeze: it is an element they didn't even consider. 

If the promotional gift is the heart, the wrapping is the body that protects and keeps the item in perfect conditions for its final use. Moreover, the sachet can add extra value by itself.

What are the types of wrapping?

Three types of wrappings are mainly used for promotional items: 4-sides sealed paper sachet, 4-sides sealed transparent sachet and flow wrap. At Grifoll we produce all 3 types with food-contact and grease-ressistant materials.

food contact paper wrappingfood contact plastic wrappingflow wrap for promotional gifts

Wrapping for In-Pack promotions

Whenever we need to insert a promotional gift into a product we ought to ask ourselves: will this item be in contact with food? In our case, Grifoll produces all sachets with the food contact option and grease ressistant materials that prevent oil or grease from filtering into the item. We are AIB certified, guarateeing a production process regulated under the Good Manufacturing Practices for materials destined to be in contact with food.

It is relevant to say that Grifoll manufactures both the item and the sachet, which allows an integrated wrapping process and maintains the chain of food and cosmetic safety..

on-pack self-adhesive coupons


On-Pack wrapping solutions

On-pack wrapping consists in a self-adhesive coupon glued to the exterior of the product. This coupon is a sachet that can be printed and allows a promotional item to be inserted in its interior. The on-pack coupon is a great solution when a product doesn't accept a premium inside: dairy, drinks...

Wrapping for items displayed in the Point of Sale

This solutions are commonly used by publishing houses and agencies. The item becomes a consumer good rather than a promotional gift. We are talking about collectibles and trading cards, generally combined with licensed characters that demand a top printing quality.

For collectibles and trading cards we are often asked to print flow wrap envelopes. Flow wrapping can be made in transparent, paper and metallic. Thanks to our experience we are able to print flow wraps that do not deteriorate by attrition and maintain a high visual quality for longer times.

metallic flow wrap

So, briefly, what do I need to know to order a good wrapping solution?

A good wrapping must protect adecuately the inner promotional item without modifying in any way the outer products. It also has to be properly adapted to its function, wheter it goes in-pack or on-pack. And it should be visually attractive: the wrapping is the first element to impact the consumer!

types of envelopes and sachets

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