Temporary tattoos for Sport Events

The premiums that will succeed in 2016

There are two promotional premiums more likely to be seen in a sport event: the temporary tattoo and the facepaint. When the time to support our team comes, we want to cover all our body with its colours. This is a great opportunity for those brands looking to be asociated to sport events and reach millions of viewers. By offering a small promotional gift that the sports fan can wear, like a tattoo, the brand gets closer to the values of the event and the team, creating a bond with the consumer.

Why temporary tattoos for the Eurocup 2016?

Because including removable tattoos in your products has never been this easy. Whether you want in-pack tattoos (packed in food-contact materials) or your product only admits on-pack promotions, Grifoll has comprehensive solutions for your needs.

Here you can check all our packing solutions.

Offering temporary tattoos means reaching a wide target, from children to adults. It is a promotional item that doesn't discriminate by age and is widely accepted, easy to use and flashy.

What tattoo designs can I use for a sport event?

Easy. Each team can be represented by: flag tattoos, crest tattoos, national/team symbols, event license... There are also cheering quotes, sport elements, numbers and many other ideas you can use to launch your sport tattoos promo.

Remember that the Eurocup and the 6 Nations will be soon on our TVs. If you are considering temporary tattoos for your 2016 promotional campaign contact us and become part of your customers' skin.

Temporary tattoos for children

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