Promotional Marketing Solutions for 2016

Promotional ideas for FMCG markets

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The Summer of '16 will offer several opportunities to engage customers through events, new licensing characters and promotional actions. Grifoll has helped brands achieve notoriety for over 50 years, by turning great ideas into promotional premiums. Not convinced yet? Our Products section will show you things you didn't even know they existed!

Not all that glitters is football

fabricantes de promociones de gran cosnumo It is clear that the event of the year in promotional terms will be the Euro 2016 in France. However, success depends on whether we are able to engage our targets, and there are several highly interesting novelties this year. A couple of months ago we dedicated an entry to the top 3 licenses of 2016 -and we still think these movies, shows and events are the key to great notoriety during the year.

With great campaigns come great items

The promotional gift is the physical expresion of the entire marketing effort, and that is why its quality must be outstanding. Whether the item is a collectible, sticker, tattoo or face paint card the outcome needs to be excellent and offer the highest guarantees to the distributor. As manufacturers, we always aim to make promotional products that can prove themselves an active asset in the success of our clients.

incentives for promotional campaigns

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