Back to School Campaign 2015: Expectations

In the middle of implementing the Summer Campaign it is already time to plan the Back to School Campaign. As we analyzed in a previous post, this season is critical for the balances of many corporations, which is why it is fundamental to understand what will the market demand and wonder how are we planning to offer it.

According to an article from Key4Communications regarding the Back to School Campaign throughout the last years, sales are stabilizing after the 2011 and 2012 recession. Every indicator shows that we will experience an increase in consumption during the Back to School Campaign, and many companies are already focusing their efforts in get their share of the pie.

Why is it so important?

Apart from the obvious need of school supplies, new clothes, etc., there are several factors tha will impact in the increase of the demand during this season:

  1. On one side the coming blockbusters are expected to generate a great demand of licensed products: Le Petit Prince, Snoopy, Hotel Transylvania 2 and Star Wars, and also the embers of Frozen, Minions, Avengers and Fantastics 4. About 65% sales during the Back to School Campaign are licensed products, which is why it is important to recognize the trendy licenses that adapt to our target.
  2. On the other side weather changes, scholars get back together and colds spread everywhere. Pharmaceutical companies fight for a place for their products in order to become the chosen savior of so many runny noses.
  3. Football, Rugby and all sports start. Big clubs triple their revenue in the beginning of the season. 

To whom is the Back to School Campaign targeted?

In many cases we are forced to work on two different levels: on one level companies need to offer good quality at a reasonable price for the parents. On a second level they must inspire and attract the real target with a strong pester claim, like a not-so-cheap license. This happens with almost every product, from food to shool supplies nad clothes, and marketing professionals know well the complexity of this target.

In Grifoll we offer a wide range of Promotional and Point of Sale solutions in order to successfully face the Back to School campaign.

back to school campaign 2015

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