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Clichés are useful. They aren`t always right, but we save time and resources by using them. Many of these pre-conceived notions help us make decisions on a daily basis. In itself using clichés is not right nor wrong: they are part of our mental scheme and we don't even notice.

One of these clichés is that Europe is expensive. Products bought in Europe are being purchased for their quality, safety or prestige -but surely not for their competitive prices. We have read about business relocation for years, but we maintain the idea that Europe is expensive once the purchasing process starts. Companies are willing to accept higher delivery times, less flexibility and standard (at best) quality if that means buying cheaper.

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It is wrong to say that the European industry survives only on subsidies



This is, more or less, what a competitor told one of our best clients: "We know you buy from Grifoll. They are in Europe, they must be expensive."

Competition of European companiesSo, now you know, European companies: you are expensive. You are expensive because you are in Europe, no less. And you will be expensive until further proofs are brought into light. Because killing a cliché means to prove it false over and over. Too much effort. Better to ask ourself: Are we really expensive? Should we compete against other economies in price?

Even ignoring the current oil crisis, at the end of the article you will find some articles highlighting the European competitiveness in several sectors and industries.

Many of you will agree when we say that competition is not about offering the lowest price in the market. In this sense, our competitor is ignoring the fact that not all products and services are equal. Not all products and services satisfy needs in the same way. Would you eat fast-food twice a day every day? If you go on a date, would you go to a fast-food restaurant? Is hunger the need you aim to satisfy? Can fast-food be the cornerstone for a long-term relationship? That customers are the true love of a company is a cliché that turns out to be true. No one wants to be dumped because of a difficult digestion.

competition is not low pricesIt is demagoguery to state that "Europe is expensive because 5 is more than 4". In our particular case, by being flexible we adapt to sudden changes in our clients' planning,. Having a qualified team that advises about the best graphic solution ensures an optimum outcome. Offering comprehensive solutions means saving time to our clients. Achieving cosmetic manufacturer status helps them overcome frontiers with their products. There are certain warranties surrounding our products and services that we are not willing to give away. Flexibility, responsibility, respect, excelence and innovation are values that differentiate us and that are appreciated by our clients.

Even so, we still can't accept this cliché. As it happens in many other companies, we have achieved such expertise in some of our products that they have become the most economic in the market. Thanks to automation, optimization and know-how we don't even need to sacrifice quality.

A malicious comment made us see our strength clearly. And not only to us. Although we are in Europe, our client still remains our client

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