Supplier Marketing

A new concept: Supplier Marketing

At Grifoll we have developed the idea of Supplier Marketing based on our experience as partners of both industrial companies with optimized production chains and FMCG companies with promotional needs. This concept is defined as the responsibility of a supplier to assume the values of a brand and become active in the achievement of its customer's success when facing a new project. Also, the concept Supplier Marketing pleads for the search of suppliers that strengthen our brand values and so our positioning in our customers' minds.

As soon as a supplier is able to represent as his own its clients' values it stops being a supplier to become a partner. A partner gets involved in his partners' success, offering solutions completely adapted to their needs. This is specially advantageous in two business ramifications: industrial and marketing.

On the industrial side it enables integration of processes and, above all, innovation. When an industrial client regards his supplier as partner he is able to communicate needs that do not come up in a norma client-supplier relationship. In mid-term this translates into innovative solutions, fast answers and new opportunities.

On the marketing side, a partner adopting our brand values will be able to transmit with its products and services these same values. In Grifoll's Case, our printing solutions comply all current regulations of quality and social responsibility, enforcing many of our clients' positioning as superior quality brands.

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professional printer checking the quality of grifoll's printings

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