On-Pack Reel

About On-pack Premiums

Promotional gifts have traditionally been one of the most important tools used to stimulate sales in the short term. In a competitive context in which differentiation is more and more complicated, premiums play a main role for those companies who wish to avoid a competition based on price. Promotional items help to increase the appeal of a product, as well as opening a window for the transmission of brand values through celebrities and licensing, resulting in a greater consumer loyalty and repurchase index. 

Types of Promos

In FMCG premiums are often divided in In-Pack and On-Pack promotions:


The On-Pack Reel

How to get an inexpensive premium, attach it to the outside of the packaging and make it appealing to every target? Grifoll has developed a solution based on these premises: the On-Pack Reel. The On-Pack Reel allows us to wrap a printed gift to the outside of any product, opening a new world of promotional possibilities to all kind of brands, who can now approach their customers with new sales arguments. Temporary tattoos, stickers, collectibles, scratch & win tickets are some of the promotional items you will be able to offer thanks to Grifoll’s new On-Pack Reel. 

Launching the On-Pack Reel

So far so good. The success of this new way of offering premiums is directly related to top-of-the-line companies that have included the On-Pack Reel with printed promos in their products. A greater attention has been accomplished, increasing sales and resulting into a growing presence of On-Pack promotions in the Point of Sale.

onpack reel for premiums

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