High Quality Digital Printing

Investing in a new era of agile digital printing

Imprenta digital en Barcelona

Grifoll aims to offer comprehensive solutions for all printing needs. By incorporating a new HP Indigo we have optimized our response to growing demand on continuous feed printing. Our clients now benefit from the agility of our production process applied to label printing.

High Quality self-adhesive Labels

These first 54 years in the printing business have shown us that companies look for partners who can come up with solutions and adapt to new needs. 

One of these new needs are short runs and customized runs, which turns into a growing requirements for traditional labelling solutions. The static label of the past has become a dynamic selling tool, having impact in potential customers and adding value to products. Variable data labelling is also adapting to new market trends that demand shorter production and distribution times in order to stay competitive.

Why Digital Printing?

Investing in new technology requires a clear vision of the performance and benefits it will bring. By enlargening our digital section with modern digital printing machinery we are able to shorten production times and offer more competitive prices for short runs. Having in mind a 360º approach to our clients printing needs, our new HP Indigo has an almost offset-like visual quality, and can provide labels with special printing effects both in plastic and paper. Many companies are turning their long run needs into continuous feed printing and variable printing, demanding agility while maintaining competitivity. 

Grifoll will continue to invest in a wider variety of printing effects for our labels. We stopped waiting for the client to surprise us with new needs and have started amazing them with new solutions.

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