Easy Sticker

Enhance you Point of Sale in a clean economic efficient way

The Easy Sticker is born from a specific need of our partners by joining two technologies. The Easy Sticker was developed as a POS solution to the handicaps of traditional Point of Sale stickers:

  1. Their uses are limited or unique. If while placing a sticker you create a bubble it will remain there forever or will become a crease.
  2. They break when removed, which means that in many POS stickers amass one on top of the other.
  3. They leave adhesive residue. It is not clean to place them in mirrors or places where dirt is preceptible.


Knowing all this handicaps and acting as a POS items producer Grifoll creates an adhesive that avoids all these inconvenients but keeps all the advanteges of the traditional sticker: the Easy Sticker. It is clean, resistant, it doesn't create bubbles or creases when placed and can be used over and over without any visible wearing out.

Since it was released in the market the Easy Sticker has been a model of innovation regarding Point of Sale items. Its use is spreading out among Pharmaceutical and Food companies due to its superior quality, cleanliness and use and its ability to quickly modify a POS.

easy sticker for wall

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