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Pioneers in printing promotional premiums with cosmetic certificate


Grifoll Print Promotions, specialist in comprehensive solutions for promotional, industrial and packaging needs, has been recognised by the Spanish Agency of Medicine and Sanitary Products (AEMPS) as cosmetic manufacturer of temporary tattoos and water facepaints. Devoted to our policy of providing the consumer with the best guarantees, Grifoll has become the first Spanish printer that can claim the status of cosmetic product in their temporary tattoos and water facepaints in two complementary levels: its chemical composition and the aptitude of the facilities in which they are produced.

In July 2013 the new European Regulation EU 1223/2009 came into force –stating that "any product directly applied to the skin would be considered a cosmetic". According to this regulation and the Toy regulation EN 2009/48, the temporary tattoo and the water face paint must comply with the same quality standards in their composition than any other cosmetic product. Notifying the launching of any of these products to the European Portal for Cosmetic Products is an indispensable requirement to distribute them within the EU.

As a pioneer in the compliance of this Regulation and always focused on the quality of our products, in Grifoll we decided to go even further: the goal was to guarantee not only the non-toxicity of the raw materials but also the quality of the production process. In 2013 we began investing in new infrastructures, re-thinking processes and quality measures. We were aiming to comply with the highest standards and become an approved cosmetic supplier. Eventually, after two years of hard work, Grifoll has achieved the recognition as Cosmetic Manufacturer granted by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

Thanks to this we can now say that our clients benefit from the greatest guarantees in the market regarding control, quality and safety whenever launching massive premium promotions.

Promotional facepaint manufacturer with cosmetic certification

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