Grifoll specializes in FMCG promotions and supplement printing. Our most demanding sectors are Food, Pharmacy, Editorial, Licensing and Advertising Agencies

secado de plancha para montable navideño impreso en cuatricomia

Food Industry

Grifoll has specialized in FMCG promotional materials by offering a high quality printing that meets all the Good Manufacturing Practices standards. Therefore all materials and colours used while producing tattoos, facepaint or any other cosmetic products have been evaluated and approved to be in contact with food.

Pharma Industry

Printed promos are one of the most important marketing tools for pharmaceutical brands. These promotional materials tend to be cheap and adapt to either professional and non-professional targets. Grigoll offers many solutions with proven efficiency: from thermomoldings that show therapeutic aspects to Body Mass calculators and desk mats.

Editorial Industry

Grifoll is a traditional partner for Editorial companies as we cover any uncommon necessity for books, magazines and promotional material thanks to our ability to print in special materials with special inks. Special effects covers, striking ads and stickers for children's books are some of the examples we have already printed.


Using a license is a safe investment for brands looking to create an emotional link with their target. An inexpensive way to offer licensed material are printed promos such as temporary tattoos, stickers, puzzles, face paints...

Advertising Agencies

On one side, advertising is looking to get attention with striking effects: 3D vision, aroma, reactive inks that bring life to a slogan and reinforce a sales argument. On the other side, promotional material is a way to develop an affective or interactive link with products and bring attention to a point of sale.


Grifoll is constantly working to improve its processes in order to be able to adapt to the specific needs of our industrial partners. We investigate the materials and formats that better fit them in order to optimize their assembly line and ensure the final quality of the product. The most recent examples are the In Mould Labelling, which has to be perfectly adapted to each assembly line, the packaging, adapted to each product and the onpack promotions, adapted to the labelling process. 

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