Quality & Certificates

Every process at Grifoll is controlled in order to meet and exceed the highest European standards of quality, safety and health

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Know all about our certificates by clicking into the following images:

Certificado FSC Grifoll    certificado ISO de calidad    certificado AIB de Buenas Practicas de Fabricacion    grifoll esta autorizado a registrar cosmeticos en el portal cpnp     grifoll trabaja con sedex como compromiso de una ética empresarial responsable

* All our products are available with FSC® Certificate upon request.

Sustainability Principles

Nowadays companies are considered as social entities that must be responsible with their environment, not only by generating wealth but also by ensuring social integrity and environmental awareness. In Grifoll we know that we belong to a social, economic and environmental network and therefore we attemp to take our decisions based on transparency and integrated strategies and policies. 

Quality and Food Safety Policy

Grifoll Print Promotions, with Sanitary Number RGS No. 3904346-B meets the Regulation EC 2023/2006 regarding Good manufacturing Practices for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Grifoll also subjects to periodic evaluations its APPCC system for Food Security achieving the following certifications:


Grifoll also meets the new European Regulation (EU) 1223/2009 that came into force on 11th July 2013. According to this regulation the temporary tattoo and the facepaint are considered Cosmetic Products as well as Toys, and therefore need to be registered in order to be distributed in the European Union. As authorized PI supplier Grifoll can provide the needed support to do so.

Social Policy

Grifoll has the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as its guideline and:


Environmental Policy

Environment affects all human activities. It is Grifoll's commitment to gradually apply the following practices:

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